Connecting labor and foreclosed home occupations – Sat, Feb 11 @ 1pm

WHAT: Labor and neighborhood meeting to liberate vacant, foreclosed homes
WHEN: Saturday, February 11 at 1pm
WHERE: Rogers Park Community House, 7463 N. Ridge


People are fighting back
against a housing market that’s evicting homeowners and tenants from the communities where they live and work. We are working with more and more families occupying their homes, more and more tenants occupying foreclosed units now owned by the banks, and more and more families liberating abandoned, foreclosed homes.

Workers are fighting back against a jobs market that’s getting in the way of the work that our communities need.

We want to create a network and alternative to these markets that are getting in the way of our rights and our needs…

We need support from labor
to repair homes in our neighborhoods, and to help us create a bailout for the people, a reinvestment in our communities, and a moratorium on all foreclosures and unjust evictions. Join us on February 11th at 1pm to discuss how workers and neighbors can together reclaim our neighborhoods from the banks!


Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction
We are members of various communities in and around Chicago who fight to keep people in their homes, and to claim land for people who are homeless. We believe housing is a human right. We believe in using any means necessary to keep our communities intact and keep people in their homes, including legal strategies; informing the media of our struggles; and using direct action (such as demonstrations and occupations of living spaces) — whatever it takes to keep our communities together, and to claim the land for ourselves and future generations.

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